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Innvision Automation and Innovation

We design and manufacture robotic cells, automations, innovative and customized
technological solutions, thanks to our dynamic and expert team.

We offer the most up-to-date technical solutions on the market.

Working every day in close contact with several manufacturing facilities allows us to develop, along with our customers, efficient and future-oriented solutions. 

Innvision is primarily a group of people with deep and diversified competences, such as industrial automation and inspection processes with cutting-edge vision systems. Technology, passion and improvement are the common features of our team, made of dynamic figures, willing to take on professional challenges.

Experience and know-how allow us to fulfill our customers’ needs with precision and effectiveness, by offering a range of customized solutions, from engineering to fully-equipped machines.

All our robotic cells are provided with a supervision system for monitoring the whole process, according to Industry 4.0.

Main Features

Mission & Vision

Improve and enhance

Our ultimate goal is to improve our customers’ production process and to take full advantage of technology.


  • Cost reduction;
  • Cost reduction; Functional and efficient employment of manpower;
  • Cost reduction; Reduction of timing for machine equipping;
  • Cost reduction; Fixed repeatability of manufacturing cycle time;

  • Cost reduction; Reduction of machine downtime related to human error.

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